Author: Dominic

Data Center Implements Infrared Inspection of Critical Switchgear

One of the most common metrics for measuring efficiency in facilities that host data centers for financial, insurance and telecommunications facilities is a power usage effectiveness (PUE). Electrical distribution system losses account for 12% of the total energy consumed by the data center. In addition, unscheduled downtime in a data center is now estimated to… Read more »

New Host in Ireland Report Busts Data Centre Carbon Emissions Myth

Host in Ireland Q1 2020 Quarterly Report shows the carbon impact of data centres to level off at 2.2% of Ireland’s total emissions by 2025 despite strong growth in data centre capacity. DUBLIN, IRELAND – A new report from Host in Ireland, in association with Bitpower, projects that due to the de-carbonisation of the electricity… Read more »

Temperature Scanners Press Release

As Ireland continues in the phased reopening of our country in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will begin to see a new normal in our everyday lives. Irish workplaces are no exception to this and we can expect numerous changes as people are gradually allowed to return to work to ensure everyone’s safety and… Read more »

Introducing Coolgenic Cold Aisle Containment: The Premium Global Brand

Coolgenic Cold Aisle Containment: A Global Leading Solution Coolgenic cold aisle containment is a brand of cold aisle containment developed by Cross-Guard to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Coolgenic cold aisle systems are unique in the fact they are made bespoke to the requirements of the client. The cold aisle systems are designed and manufactured… Read more »

Data Centres in the post Covid-19 reality – decarbonisation and resilience.

The pandemic has highlighted our reliance on digital connectivity and electricity. Technology has kept us going through the challenges of the lockdown, enabling millions of people confined to their homes to work remotely, shop, and communicate with friends and families. As Ireland enters the first stage of a five-phase plan to lift restrictions, we look… Read more »

A Data-centric Approach to Managing Data Centers

Data Center operators are facing increasing challenges as the sector matures and new deployment methodologies are being adopted. The result is a range of business issues which need to be addressed by data center owners and operators with tools that address the following areas: Complex hybrid digital environments Edge adoption and remote ‘dark’ sites Increasing… Read more »

How ESB supports at the early stage of a data centre project

Ireland’s data centre sector has grown significantly over recent years, a trend which shows no signs of slowing down. At present, it is estimated that there are 11 new data centres currently under construction and over 30 in development phase in Ireland. The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed how we work and has led to massive… Read more »

What can Data Centres learn from Chernobyl?

As constant increasing demand for IT connectivity, data storage and processing continues to grow, Arup’s Kevin Burke, leader of one of our Data Centre teams, explains the importance of having a clear plan for testing and commissioning. Over the past decade spent working on data centre projects, I find myself often drawing parallels between this… Read more »

Inline Modular Power Skid: A Rapid Design and Build Solution

When Hanley Energy was asked by a client to design and build a bespoke solution for an immediate critical infrastructure technology gap, the task could have seemed a daunting one. What lay before them was a complex technical job which wide-ranging customization needs, but the real challenge was the rapid introduction of a new product,… Read more »