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Data centre trends and countertrends, and their impact on UPS systems

In this article, Ian Jackson, Managing Director at Kohler Uninterruptible Power Ireland, explains how large and micro-scale data centres can, despite their diversity, benefit from modern, modular UPS topology-based solutions. The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a sustained and exponential growth in data, due to both large project sizes and an ongoing surge in… Read more »


Introduction: What is the Circular Economy? Working Definition: The Circular Economy disciplines prioritize the reuse of product for its originally intended purpose to maximize lifetime value, minimizes value reducing recycling and diverts used materials from waste. To take a simple example of why circular reuse regimes have major benefits compared to recycling; take a high-quality… Read more »

Evaluation of pump energy consumption for two principles for hydraulic balancing and control of cooling systems

Frese and the Danish Technological Institute have recently published a paper demonstrating 40% pump energy savings when installing pressure Independent Control Valves to dynamically balance a chilled water data centre cooling application. High Corrosion Resistant bodies for Adiabatic Cooling optional. To find out more, follow the links below:

Remote monitoring helps data centres manage facilities during Covid-19 lockdown

EkkoSense Watch Tactical Pack – cost-effective, flexible and rapidly deployed 15th April 2020: Data centre performance specialist EkkoSense has introduced a set of powerful remote thermal monitoring options to help global organisations minimise the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their data centre operations. EkkoSense Watch – the new Tactical Software and Hardware Pack can… Read more »

Open Compute Project – Colocation Facility Guidelines & OCP Ready™ Program

Open Compute Project designs have already been implemented and efficiency gains continue to be realised by the operators of Hyperscale Data Centers.  Enterprises such as tier 2 cloud providers can also achieve the same cost saving benefits by deploying OCP IT gear into OCP Ready facilities. Colocation Facility Guidelines for Deployment of Open Compute Project… Read more »

BRUNS-PAK: Design Innovation. Engineering Excellence.

BRUNS-PAK helps clients strategize, implement and provision innovative, resilient solutions for mission-critical data center infrastructure that support operations in an always-on world flooded by data and demanding information connectivity through an ever-expanding array of devices. Beyond ultra-reliability, environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and capital cost control, BRUNS-PAK Hybrid Efficient Data Center Solutions address the need for… Read more »

Faster installation and more efficient cooling with GF Piping Systems

Reliable, secure and energy-efficient – these buzz words are the driving factors in the data center industry, demanding solutions of the highest standards. The Swiss company GF Piping Systems provides leading-edge piping systems for mission-critical cooling. In today’s digital world, data centers are an essential part of our infrastructure that require mission-critical cooling plants. To… Read more »

Stay cool, connected and protected with 3M

The rise of the data economy is fundamentally changing the way we live and our always-on, highly-integrated world is pushing businesses to operate at an ever-increasing pace.  Almost every aspect of our daily lives – smart devices, homes, cities and autonomous vehicles – relies on what is happening inside data centres. However, these centres come… Read more »

The easiest way to move, lift and install DC equipment

In the past rack mounting and moving heavy and bulky IT components around the data centre was difficult. This back breaking work was performed by the data centre technical or facility personnel with only some relief provided by using a trolley or cart to move the equipment to the cabinets. At least two people were… Read more »