Author: Dominic

Climate Action Plan 2019 and Data Centres

Data Centres (DCs) are predicted as being a significant user of Irish energy resources in the future. Innovative renewable energy solutions will be required to meet this demand and minimise the need for grid reinforcement. ALG has advised on such solutions for DCs with renewable energy operators. The Climate Action Plan 2019 (the Plan) references… Read more »

Condair ME helps EDPAC cool at CIX

The Condair ME evaporative humidifier is providing adiabatic cooling in an innovative indirect cooling system from EDPAC at the Cork Internet Exchange (CIX) in Ireland. EDPAC’s indirect air-to-air evaporative cooling system will be maintaining the temperature across CIX’s data halls without using any chillers and with 75% less energy than a traditionally cooled data centre…. Read more »

Refurbish or Replace? You Decide!

The performance and sustainability of HVAC heat exchangers has been a subject for debate given their construction and external exposure to the elements, corrosion is inevitable, as are the subsequent losses in performance and shortened equipment life cycle. However, these factors can be combated with the application of an effective anti-corrosion protection for the casing,… Read more »

Asian Giant K2 Submits Plans for two DataCentres in Dublin

The Southeast Asian giant K2 Data Centres has submitted plans for two more large data centres at Ballycoolin in northwest Dublin. According to a report in the Times, K2 is set to invest hundreds of millions of euros into this project. This will involve building two three-storey data centres of almost 29,000 sq metres each…. Read more »

Data Centres: Irish Environmental Issues

Introduction Environmental legislation in Ireland is principally administered and enforced in three ways: (i) by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); (ii) by local authorities throughout Ireland and (iii) by the courts. The Minister for the Communications, Climate Action & Environment has an important policy setting role and the Health & Safety Authority is responsible for… Read more »

Gain Some Clarity

Monitoring the load on the power network and ensuring that each process is accurately costed provides clarity of operation and control of costs. Frer’s range of multifunction meters with onboard communication presents a range of tools by which the recording of energy consumed on a network can be easily, accurately and efficiently captured, costed and… Read more »

Data Centre Investment in Ireland to total $11.2bn within three years

Data centre investment in Ireland is set to reach over €10bn ($11.2bn) by 2022, according to the just -published Q1 report from Host In Ireland. The infrastructure being deployed is already underpinning over 100,000 jobs in the ICT sector for the Irish economy, says the report. Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative specifically developed… Read more »

JAEGGI ADC High Density: Maximum Performance, small footprint

When developing the JAEGGI ADC High Density, achieving maximum power density was a key priority. These units are therefore ideal for high-power applications such as the cooling of IT systems. Extremely compact, enormously powerful Even in dry operation, the extremely compact cube with a minimal footprint offers huge power and thus a high switch point… Read more »