Pan African DataCentres Conference

Featuring a combination of local industry leaders together with experts in their field this CPD Accredited paid to attend event, will use a combination of Presentations, panel discussions and networking opportunities to look at the strategic issues effecting the development of data centres and the digital infrastructure needed across the continent.

Pan African DataCentres Conference – Strategy Stream (Available to Paid Delegates only)

Themes addressed will include:

  • Africa – Where are we now and where are we going – The development of the Continent – Keynote ADCA
  • Smart Africa – Aims & Objectives and Progress
  • Investment – Data Centres the New Asset class
  • Connectivity, What’s happening Locally Internationally, Globally and what that means for Datacentres in Africa
  • DataCentre Design – Horses for courses
  • Knowing your potential customers
  • Making your proposition attractive
  • One size does not fit all – Designing a DataCentre for your target customers
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Site Selection – Considerations
  • Land Issues
  •  Connectivity
  • Validation/Verification
  • Power and the Grid
  • Continuity of supply
  • Standby Generation
  • Demand Response
  • Grid Flexibility
  • Modular Data Centres
  • Green Energy
  • Issues of Supply
  • The Africa Challenge
  • Management of the Project
  • The Brain Drain & Training and Recruitment of Staff
  • Where to look for quality staff
  • Securing Quality Staff
  • Training
  • Legislation and Standards

Pan Africa Data Centres Conference – Operational Stream (Available to Paid Delegates only)

Themes Addressed Include:

  • African Supply Chains & Logistics
  • What’s the current situation
  • What to factor in for DataCentres
  • Cooling
  •  Options
  • Best Practice
  • Water vs Ambient
  • FM & Maintenance
  • Choosing your supplier
  • Best Practice
  • Remote Monitoring and Dark Datacentres
  • Standby Technology
  • Demand Response
  • Batteries and Energy Storage Options
  • Diesel VS Gas Engines vs Turbines
  • Alternative Energy Sources & Green Energy
  • Cabling Best Practice
  • Modular DataCentres
  • Powertrains & Skids
  • Edge DataCentres