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3 AI Truths

Deployment of AI is growing and the industry is responding as best it can to manage demands, requirements and expectations. AI is going global! So much has happened within the past 12 months, pushing AI to the forefront of data centre agendas. On a recent webinar we discussed how AI is shifting the data centre… Read more »

How Manufacturing and Industrial Companies Can Use Track Busways to Create A Customized, Flexible, and Scalable Power Distribution System in Their Facilities

In today’s fast-paced business world, the companies that will survive are not necessarily the largest or most innovative, but the ones that have the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing needs and unexpected events. A reliable power distribution system is an essential element of any manufacturing or industrial facility. Unfortunately, traditional pipe & wire systems… Read more »


Compared to a few decades ago, Digital Services are now an indispensable part of daily life in our modern society. Public Administration, Health, Finance, Telecommunications, Commerce, Industry, Entertainment and many other sectors are heavily dependent on and empowered by digital services, devices and infrastructures. Data Centers are the hidden core behind our daily “digital life”… Read more »

The Know-How You Need to Power the Most Challenging Environments

As data centers address more expansive and unique challenges, so too must their power distribution equipment meet those performance needs. Server cabinets and racks, even individual server units, need to be designed for maximum adaptability to the ever-changing power consumption requirements of their unique and demanding environments. Whether dedicated to supercomputing or artificial intelligence, data… Read more »

What’s driving growth across Africa’s data centre market

2024 is a big year for the African data centres market. There’s huge growth on the horizon with new hubs popping up and adding to the geographical footprint. The demand for data centres is growing exponentially as Africa’s 1.4billion is set to double by 2050, driving the need for connectivity and access to the top… Read more »