Operational Stream - Day 1


Bernard Lecanu

Managing Director

BL International Consultant

Sponsored By:


Alban Hohmann Schauly

Data Centre Segment Manager - Africa & Middle East


Mohamed Zeineldin

EAME Sales Manager GPP - Rental Power Solutions



Samuel Chukwukereuba

Data Centre Manager, Project Implementations

Digital Realty

Eben Owen

Senior Business Director

Uptime Institute

Niraj Shah

Sales and Business Development Director

IX Africa

What will be discussed?

  • Defining AI and its role in data centres
  • Why the sudden growth and what it means for existing and new data centres
  • Fusing existing capabilities to meet emerging AI needs


Nabeel Mahmood

Managing Director

Nomad Futurist

What will be discussed?

An exploration of how to train, retain and engage the next data centre generation